BMW / E34
Below you find our model adapted products for the chosen vehicle
The products in this category have in common that they are design from scratch, by us, for your car model specifically. Regardless of development task we put a lot of effort into making the fitment as good as possible for the product, sometimes by using the stock piece as template and by test fitting the piece on the vehicle. The products always come with everything necessary for installation.
Silicone hoses – allows higher pressure, higher temperature, enhances the looks and adds reliability.
Pipe kits – higher airflow, less back pressure and smoother flow transitions make for better throttle response.
Intercooler – higher airflow, less back pressure and better cooling make for a greater air mass in the intake – power!
Radiators – modern technique using dual rows and all-welded tanks provides better cooling and reliability.
Oil coolers – enhanced core volume and cooling area prevents overheating.
Air filter shrouds – custom design with seal strips for a nice and sealed area for the filter.

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