Silicone hoses / Flex couplers
As found below is our selection of flexing couplers. These hoses are especially developed to absorb movements, flexing and vibrations. A counterbalance between two relative objects, not moving in the same direction. They will allow a movement in any direction without folding or putting the connections at stress. The more billows, the better the flexing. A perfect solution between the throttle body and intercooler piping, for instance.
These are offered in three designs, whereof the hose with only one billow is to be considered a slightly more forgiving straight coupler rather than a flexing coupler. Where the need is great for flexibility we recommend the hoses with two or four billows.
Flexing coupler with one-step-flex
Flexing coupler with two-step-flex
Flexing coupler with four-step-flex
For more information regarding inner diameter, length, wall thickness etc., press each product below.

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