BMC Washing kit

This kit contains everything you need for service and maintenance of your BMC air filter:

– Detergent (Washing fluid) 500ml
– Regeneration Fluid 250ml

Stage 1:
This Detergent washing fluid is developed for use with BMC cotton air filtration systems, the BMC Detergent is the first stage that provides a quick and easy method for preparing the filter for regeneration / filter oil for continued use.

The detergent removes the existing particle build up and residue leaving a prime cotton filter ready for the BMC regeneration fluid (filter oil). Filter cleaning is recommended every 24000km (15000 miles) (depending on usage and local conditions) to maintain top filtration.

Stage 2:
This fluid is used in the second stage in BMC air filter servicing and maintenance, the BMC regeneration fluid enables BMC filters to be rejuvenated and regain its optimum performance. This fluid integrates with the air filter maximizing air flow performance without reduction in particle retention.


Click here for detergent safety data sheet

Click here for regeneration fluid safety data sheet